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The Elephant Park in Knysna Explored

Updated Sunday, 9 December 2018

The Elephant Park in Knysna Explored: The entrance to the Elephant Park is situated along the N2 between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna in the Garden Route. Just a short gravel road opens up a world of excitement and insights into one of the most intuitive giants to roam the earth.

The Elephant Park is dedicated to providing a natural habitat and protection to elephants from all over Africa that have been orphaned or need a home for another reason. Some of the residents have been born in this park as a result of breeding or their mother arriving pregnant.

Elephants at Knysna

The draw-card to the Elephant Park Knysna is, without doubt, the fact that visitors are invited to interact with and feed the elephants that live here. The tour begins with a brief video presentation to prepare the visitors, followed by a short drive out to where they roam the plains freely.

Knowledgeable, experienced rangers accompany guests at all times to ensure safety, answer questions and provide general advice. Visitors are encouraged to walk amongst the animals, feed them, touch them and speak to them. Strict rules are laid down well ahead of time to keep everyone (including the elephants) safe, secure and happy.

If visitors want more interaction with the animals, a ride on the back of an elephant is ideal. Experience the beauty of the bushveld and treed areas in which they live from the heights of the world’s largest living terrestrial animal. Of course, the Elephant Park wants every experience to be special and, therefore, offers a sunset safari with sundowners, or a sunrise ride to start off the day.

The money raised by offering such intimate experiences with these elephants is put towards the further protection of the animals and towards educating the public about the threats to and needs of elephants in South Africa.

The restaurant serves breakfasts, lunches and teas. If a group requires dinner, this can be arranged, as can larger events. The restaurant is independent of the park and can be contacted on +27 (0)44 532-7738 for questions or reservations.

The curio shop provides photographs, clothing, ornaments, jewellery, and more that will help you to remember the special time that you enjoyed at the Elephant Park. These also make for fabulous gifts for those that could not join you on your excursion to this reserve.

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