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Gauteng Adventure – Adrenalin Junkie Activities in Gauteng

Updated Sunday, 25 February 2024

Addicted to adrenaline and you find yourself in the place of gold? Then you haven’t far to look for activities that will keep you out of doors under a wide sky and push you to the limit. The gateway to Africa, Gauteng might be the smallest province, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in dazzle and action, particularly when you consider that the young Johannesburg is the powerhouse of Africa.

Not everyone is working and networking all the time, however, and there is plenty of action activity available if you but look.

One is seldom short of something to do in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the surrounds. The Cradle of Humankind, the Magalies Meander, lion and nature reserves, beautiful gardens, an elephant sanctuary and two major cities make for a pretty powerful collection of exciting alternatives …

Gauteng Adventure – Adrenalin Junkie Activities in Gauteng

Love Johannesburg

Rapp jump down the side of Sanlam building in Pretoria:

This is a pure adrenaline rush in the heart of the city. Rapp jumping comes from the word ‘rappelling’ and was originally developed by the Australians as a deployment technique into jungles and terrorist and hostage situations. Which is a convoluted way of saying that you run head first down a wall / cliff, although it’s described as walking down a street, taking the vertical rather than the horizontal position.

Other people describe it as abseiling but with the climbing ropes attached to your back rather than to your tummy. Not for the faint hearted!

Contact: Pure Rush on Telephone +27 (0)11 918-2379.

Bungee swing from the Orlando Towers in Soweto:

Swing between the two cooling towers 100 metres above the ground. The idea is that you ride the lift to the top of the towers and then swing out towards the Orlando Dam between the towers. And you won’t have to look far to spot them, the towers happen to be one of the major landmarks of historical Soweto.

The free-fall is 40 metres before the pendulum of the rope swing you back up again. (see more info here)

Cntact: The Towers on +27 (0)71 674-4343 or Office on +27(0)12 345-5114

Gauteng Hiking Trails

Take a bike ride through Soweto:

This is a great way in which to experience the sights and sounds of the township of Soweto. Either full or half day tours take you to historical sites, to meet the people, eat a local burger or Kota, and have a drink at a shebeen. If you’re not keen to go by bike, then do the same on foot. (See Tour de Soweto by Bike)

Contact: Telephone +27 (0)11 936-3444

Sand board on Mount Mayhem:

You may not know this, but Gauteng has tons of sand. Mount Mayhem (an abandoned mine dump) in Boksburg, just 30 minutes outside of Jo’burg offers hours of fun. Very similar to snowboarding, sand boarding necessitates lurching down a hill of sand full tilt, in much the same way as if it were snow. All you need is a sand board (and even that you can get at Mount Mayhem). Whilst still a fairly new sport in South Africa sand boarding is fast attracting attention. (See Sand boarding at Mount Mayhem)

Contact: Telephone +27 (0)82 605-1150

Golf in Gauteng

Abseil into the Wonder Cave:

The great thing about having a World Heritage Site on your doorstep, is the myriad ways in which people will find to have fun and attract visitors to the site. And whilst visiting a lot of fossilised old bones might not be your cup of tea, abseiling six storeys into the Wonder Cave might be. This huge chasm of stalagmites and stalactites in the Kromdraai Valley, just outside Johannesburg, is filled with incredible sights of nature, and whilst you can walk into the cave, why would you, when you can abseil your way in?

Contact Wild Cave Adventures on +27 (0)11 956-6197 or +27 (0)82 632-1718

Cycle the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve:

View the 1600 hectare reserve on the back of a bike, a pretty novel take on the usual automobile route. The dirt roads allow one to ride past the hippo dam, ostriches, and any number of antelope. Fortunately the lion camp is just that, behind bars, so there isn’t much chance of your stumbling upon a lion whilst careening headlong into a puddle.

Skydive Knysna

Skydive Johannesburg with Skyhigh Tandems:

In Johannesburg: A Tandem skydive is a one on one skydive where you are attached, with a special harness to an instructor, and therefore is the quickest way to experience freefall. No training necessary, you are simply attached by a special harness to a qualified tandem master!(More info see Skydive Johannesburg).

Contact: +27 (0)11 350-5566 or +27 (0)76 055-7273

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