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RJs Steakhouse in Pietermaritzburg – A review

Updated Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The RJ’s restaurant chain has become a household name in South Africa for a number of years now and is synonymous for producing succulent steaks, mouth-watering ribs and various other types of delicious cuisine. Eager to put these claims to the test I paid a visit to RJ’s at the upmarket Invesco Centre in Pietermaritzburg recently.

Friday and Saturday nights at RJ’s are known to be busy and the evening of my visit was no exception. There wasn’t a free table in sight and the restaurant was a hive of activity with waitrons scurrying about and patrons engaging in loud conversation and much merriment.

RJs Steakhouse in Pietermaritzburg – A review

RJ's Steakhouse in Pietermaritzburg

The RJ’s menu contains everything you’d expect to find at any steakhouse worth its salt and it was difficult to make a choice with so many juicy sounding options on offer. After studying the menu for a while I opted for the ribs and calamari rings which, at R97.95, seemed like a good bet. Half an hour later my meal arrived and, not wanting to waste any time, I promptly tucked in.

The ribs were delicious, full of flavour and cooked to perfection although the calamari was a little on the rubbery side. Nevertheless I was impressed with the overall taste and presentation of my meal. It certainly represented value for money especially considering that all main meals at RJ’s include an option of vegetables or baked or mashed potato or chips.

My mom, who had accompanied me for the evening along with friends Mary-Anne and Peta-Anne, decided that the Danish Chicken Cordon Bleu (R79.95) would be more to her liking. She certainly wasn’t left disappointed remarking that her dish was “very tasty and well presented.”

RJ's Steakhouse in Pietermaritzburg

Mary-Anne was similarly impressed with her order, the Californian Chicken Schnitzel (R61.95), which she requested with vegetables. Describing the chicken as “tender and tasty” and the veggies as “awesome” she was clearly thrilled with her choice, and when one considers what other establishments charge for a similar meal, her dish was certainly well-priced.

The ever cautious and conservative Peta-Anne opted for the hake with rice (R67.95) which she, too, thoroughly enjoyed, remarking that the fish was “well cooked” and the overall presentation of the dish “spot on.” She went on to add that she’d definitely like to return soon to “experience the great vibe and atmosphere once again,” – a sentiment with which we all concurred.

No dinner is complete without dessert though and after spotting one of my favourite treats (malva pudding) on the menu I promptly ordered a helping. Although not as sweet as I had hoped, it was still tasty enough to enjoy and, at R26.95, was affordable too.

RJ's Steakhouse in Pietermaritzburg

I thoroughly enjoyed RJ’s. The food and the service was excellent, the décor simple yet attractive and the atmosphere upbeat and uplifting. Wine lovers will be pleased to know that the RJ’s cellar is always fully stocked with a visit to the carvary being an option for those who may not find the menu quite to their liking. Children, too, are well catered for, with a colourful ‘playzone’ on hand to help them out of mischief.

A visit to RJ’s is simply a must for anyone wanting to experience great tasting and affordable food in a safe and friendly environment. It’s the perfect anti-dote to a stressful day (or even a week for that matter) at the office and an establishment that I’m sure I’ll be frequenting quite often from now on.

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