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Real men’s health is not all push-ups and bench-presses!

Updated Monday, 18 April 2022

We all know that the term ‘metrosexual’ is now a little passé, with few people even able to remember a time when guys didn’t cleanse and moisturise. We men, however, are still a little behind on the evolutionary ladder of bodily beauty. The spa experience, so loved by the men of ancient Rome for its rejuvenating properties, is a feminine secret that has been sadly overlooked by contemporary males. Until now …

Most men choose between deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish or reflexology,” says spa therapist Kate Woolley. And she should know. Working in a popular spa in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, Kate has watched the resurgence of male patronage of spas with interest. “There is definitely an increase in the number of men utilizing spas and taking more care of themselves” she says. But massage is not the only option for guys wanting to indulge themselves a little …

Mens Health Spa

These days spas offer a range of treatment packages catering specifically for men, ranging from facials (many spas also sell cleansers and scrubs for home use) to more exotic treatments such as the Japanese healing art of Reiki.

A brief survey of men who have frequented spas shows that increased energy and vitality are the primary reasons for taking time out for a treatment. And it’s not just a particular kind of guy that goes to spas either.  From actors taking a breather between performances to students wanting to get rid of exam tension, everyone seems to have caught on to the spa trend.  “We had a group of businessmen here the other day,” Kate says, “and they were like kids in a toy shop.”

Cape Town offers a range of spas, each with its own unique charm and focus. From luxury spas along the Garden Route to trendy spas in the city centre catering for the urban male, Cape Town has it all. Tired or jetlagged? Gingko Spa in Arniston offers a 60 min Men’s Executive Facial to get you back on track.  Totally stressed? Resonance Boutique Spa in Wynberg offers a three-hour ‘Man of the Moment’ package to de-stress even the busiest of executives.

Most of the major Cape Town hotels also have spas on the premises which offer individualised spa treatments, as well as offering couples treatments for special times such as anniversaries or birthdays, where partners can have therapies such as Hot Stone treatments to unwind together.

As health gurus and lifestyle magazines are constantly telling us, looking good and feeling good are integral parts of a happy balanced life. And although a fitness regime is essential to maintaining health, making time relaxation is becoming an increasingly rare resource in today’s fast-paced world.

Mens Health Spa

Computer fatigue, rush-hour traffic and the pressures of a work-hard and play-hard lifestyle all take an unprecedented toll on health and more and more men are starting to realise the benefits of a little time-out. Spas allow for a relaxing, calming and detoxing experience that is a perfect complement to a balanced exercise programme.

Real men’s health it seems, is not all push-ups and bench-presses!

Go on, spoil yourself when you are on holiday in South Africa and experience a day of pampering at a Spa! If you haven’t been before it’s an experience you should try at least once and if you are a seasoned “spa-goer” you will find that the Health Resorts and Spas in South Africa are of an excellent standard. presents an exclusive collection of first class Health Resorts, Wellness Centres and Spas in South Africa.

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