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A leisurely afternoon at Riebeek Kasteel

Updated Wednesday, 26 December 2018

We spent a weekend camping at Beaverlac at the end of January and decided to detour to Riebeek Kasteel for lunch on the way back to Cape Town.  I’d heard so many great things about this area and Riebeek Kasteel in particular (see a previous article), so we took a short left and explored one of the jewels of the Swartland!

Riebeek Kasteel

We started off with lunch at the Clumzy Carrot.  Although there are tables both inside and outside, we chose to sit outside under the dappled shade of a beautiful old tree.  A water feature provides background ‘music’ and the thick cushions on the benches make for comfortable seating …

The service, although attentive was slightly slow but when the food arrived it was so very worth the wait.  I started off with an iced coffee – but this wasn’t the average iced coffee where one is presented with a glass of Nescafe with a few ice cubes bobbing in it; this was a real McCoy iced coffee – basically a deliciously creamy, thick coffee flavoured milkshake!  Absolutely heavenly!

Although the menu is varied with all sorts of treats from fresh salads to curries we both opted for a burger.  And a fine burger it was too, topped with cheese (cheddar and feta) and bacon and served with potato wedges, a side salad and a homemade relish.  The bread rolls too homemade – a sure sign of quality, country fare!

Riebeek Kasteel

After lunch we had a meander around the village – popping in at Aitsa (27 High Street) which sells a wonderful selection of homemade jams, honey, rusks and preserves.  This sweet little shop also stocks beautiful cushions, jewellery and other gorgeous arts and crafts.

Part of the same premises is Delicious Biltong – and as the name suggests, it sells delicious biltong!  Also available is stone ground flour from the local mill.

Although we didn’t spend a huge amount of time in this little village it has given us a little taste of what it has to offer so we plan to go back for a weekend as soon as possible.  There is a wide selection of shops, museums, restaurants and farms to visit so one would not get bored – perhaps planning a weekend around the Riebeek Valley Olive Festival (30 April – 2 May 2010) would be a good idea?

Riebeek Kasteel is a leisurely 60 minute drive from Cape Town – so why not give the Clumzy Carrot a try on your next free Sunday?

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