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A Seaside Getaway in Simons Town

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

Past the road construction along the Main Road of Kalk Bay, windy Glencairn beach and alongside the railway line is where you’ll find Simons Town.

Old shops and buildings marked with the dates from the 1800’s, a navy museum and train station will dot the road. There’s Long Beach with its view of the grey, menacing Army vessels waiting to be called to service. The azure waters always look inviting provided there’s no wind.

Simons Town

If you’re not staying for the weekend, park your car beneath the trees of Jubilee Square, make your way over the cobble stones, past the market vendors selling African art and down towards the harbour. You cannot miss the statue of Just Nuisance, the town’s heroic dog who was a member of the Navy.

The delicious scent of salty sea dog’s fish and chips offerings will have your mouth-watering before you’ve made it to the end of the jetty.

Wooden boats with red, blue and white chipped paint stayed moored with weathered ropes. The sun glitters in the green waters and further down are tons of yachts parked at the club. Children go out in the sheltered harbor on little boats whilst children from the outskirts of the city sing and dance in bright clothes for tourists.

Simons Town

Along the main road, beside the tall palm trees, antique and jewelry stores line up in wait of customers. Second-hand stores carry treasures from days long gone such as dolls, wedding dresses, kitchen utensils and elaborate hats. The ice-cream store always seems to be full with customers waiting in anticipation for their lemon, mint or peaches and cream flavours.

Colourful bunting hangs over the walkway and if you look left, you may see the Drostdy Steps leading up to the house where the Magistrate once resided in 1828.

From the Blockhouse Gap Footpath in the mountains of Simons Town, the False Bay Ocean stretches out before you whilst protea and fynbos lies scattered on the hill. It’s worth getting up early and watching the sunrise over the sea and sprinkles its light over this town. Walk the dogs up on the paths of the Table Mountain Nature Reserve and enjoy the tranquility that can only be found in small towns such as these.

Simons Town

True to its name, Boulder’s Beach has mounds of massive rocks nestled on either side of the beach. The inviting azure waters will beckon you in and depending on the day and the season; you’ll get quite a surprise at just how chilly it can be, but refreshing at other times too. Bomb drop off the biggest rocks and swim beside the speedy penguins who call this colony home.

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