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A Walk Through Hermanus

Updated Monday, 4 February 2019

Our weekend in Hermanus on the popular Cape Whale Coast was mostly spent indoors thanks to the wonderfully stormy winter weather. Luckily on the Saturday morning we had a break in the weather and decided to brave the outdoors and go for a stroll.

Leaving the comforts of our hotel in Hermanus behind, it was a bit early for whales, but we thought we’d walk along the cliff path and see what we could spot, you never know, we might have been lucky! We headed into the wind after dressing warmly and after a few minutes we were on the pathway that hugs the coastline.

Photographs — Left: The Cliff Path / Centre: Reading up about whales / Right: Beautiful views and crashing waves

The views in every direction was incredible and despite not seeing any whales we spotted dassies sunning themselves on the rocks and seagulls holding on for dear life in the wind. We spent time watching the waves crashing and spraying in all directions, sometimes all you need to relax is to watch Mother Nature in all her glory.

We popped into the Hermanus craft market stalls and browsed at the various African crafts and clothing for sale. We stopped for a moment to pause and really take in the magnitude of the life-size whale that is in the town square. Make sure to read the various signboards that are dotted around town which tell you about the different whales that you can spot and interesting facts about their habitat, breeding and life cycle.

Photographs — Left: The life-size whale / Right: Holding on for dear life

Even though the weather was rather dismal the town centre was a hive of activity as it was the Hermanus FynArts Festival and we saw many signs inviting us in to view local art. The town centre is interesting itself and has a number of old buildings and art pieces that are a point of both interest and conversation.

After making our way all along the walkway until we got to the Windsor Hotel we decided to snake our way through the side roads and head back into town to find some lunch. I think that one of the best spots for lunch is the Ocean Basket in the centre of town, you get to sit upstairs and look out through the huge glass windows and admire the view. So that is exactly what we did.

Photographs — Left: More beautiful views / Centre: Spot to watch whales from / Right: Along the pathway

I have to admit that we had fantastic fish and chips for lunch and while we were sitting there we watched the weather change from sunny blue skies to dark storm clouds. It was incredible how quickly the weather turned nasty and watching people dash for cover made us very thankful for being indoors.

My dad braved the weather and headed home for a nap, while my mom and I headed back out into the storm for a bit of shopping. We found some great spots that had everything from clothing to souvenir trinkets.

Photographs — Left: The weather before / Right: The weather after

Hermanus really does have a great vibe with plenty to do and see no matter what the weather throws at you. Don’t forget that whale watching season is about to begin and Hermanus offers some of the best land based whale watching opportunities in the country, so make sure you don’t miss out. Whatever you do make sure you come and find out for yourself what makes Hermanus such a popular holiday destination!

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