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A Wild Ride at Ratanga Junction – Photographs

Updated Sunday, 30 December 2018

I have to admit, I haven’t been to Ratanga Junction in years – I remember when I was at school it was all the rage to spend as many weekends as possible at Ratanga. Going on every ride until we were delirious with adrenaline and excitement. So when a friend suggested this for her birthday I jumped at the chance.

Off we headed to Century City to get there when the gates opened at 10h00. Since the park is only open during school holidays and this was the first Saturday of the holidays we expected a fair number of people, however the queue was snaked around the entrance with eager people of all ages ready to have a day of fun.

I was happy to see the park so full and to top it off the staff were some of the most friendly and helpful I have encountered in a long time. We had a day filled with laughter and screams on the rides. It was an exhilirating day and I will most certainly be back. This is a fun filled day for all members of your family.

Ratanga Junction

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