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Bombay Bicycle Club on Kloof Street – Perfect for a girls night out

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

A group of us get together every six weeks or so and have a girls dinner out.  On Wednesday night our venue of choice was The Bombay Bicycle Club on Kloof Street in Cape Town.  I’d heard a lot about the restaurant and had driven past it a number of times so I was really excited to actually go and have a meal there and it surpassed my expectations!

Bombay Bicylcle Club

Our table was not quite ready when we arrived (clearly the earlier sitting was enjoying Bombay Bicycle a bit too much) so we stood outside on the pavement for a few minutes – there are tables outside which would make for a perfect spot during the lighter and warmer summer months.  The interior of the restaurant however is a feast for the eyes; the first table that I saw for instance had swings instead of chairs!  It’s a real Alice in Wonderland scenario!

The restaurant is split into three levels: street level, upstairs and downstairs which is actually only three or four steps below the street level section.  The atmosphere is really buzzy with the waiting staff handing out hats for diners to wear at their tables!  What a great idea.  The walls are jam packed full of prints, photos, number plates and paintings.  All sorts of things hang from the ceiling including bicycles and a massive trombone!  Chairs are also strung from the upstairs section – it really is a wonderful place!

Bombay Bicycle Club

The menu is varied and includes a number of salads, chicken livers, a drunk camembert and Kataifi Prawns for starters.  Some of the main courses on offer are eight pasta dishes, gnocchi and a delicious risotto.  Other hits are the Bombay Ribs, Chicken Tagine, Babotie, Springbok Shank and steak with a chocolate chilli sauce.  Fresh vegetables and potato bake were served with the steak dish.

None of us had dessert but the individual pavlova, chocolate cigars and Malva pudding all sounded tempting.

A wonderful night out and I look forward to getting back on the bike!

Address & Contact Details:

Bombay Bicycle Club, 158 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town
To book telephone: +27 (0)21 423-6805

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