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An Afternoon of Bubbly Tasting in Stellenbosch

Updated Monday, 9 January 2017

Whilst I am not a lover of wine, I really enjoy sweet bubbly, so JC Le Roux in Stellenbosch was not a bad spot to head to on a Friday afternoon.  The rain which threatened stayed away and we made our way past cold, green farmlands, orchards and tree-lined streets until we had arrived.

Snow covered the nearby mountains and the sun shone briefly before disappearing behind dramatic clouds.  Aisles of wheat swayed in the icy wind and served to warn farmers about any disease in the vineyards…

The House of JC Le Roux
Photograph © The House of JC Le Roux

We were met by a great staff member, Ash, who took us a mini-tour of JC Le Roux and showed us how and where the magic happened.  Being a Friday afternoon, most staff in the production side had already gone home, but we looked through the glass and into the factory where it all happened.

Thousands of bottles were racked at interesting angles to collect the dead yeast and unwanted sediment before an impressive and expensive machine removes it and corks the bottles using extreme pressure.   He explained that the bubbles can be attained in two ways, either by adding carbon dioxide or yeast (the classic method).

Our bubbly and nougat tasting awaited and we slipped into a plush royal blue booth eager to begin. The experience would move from the dry bruts to the sweeter varieties. The tasting kicked off with Pinot Noir and nougat in dark chocolate.  I am not the biggest dark chocolate fan and although the acidity of the Pinot Noir is paired to bring out the richness of almond and honey, I was eager to move to sweeter territory.

The Pinot Noir Rose and rose water Turkish delight was high up on my list of deliciousness. The rose water brought out the red berries and the floral character (or so I’m told) of the Rose and left my taste buds in a happy place. This was followed by the La Vallee and Mango Macadamia Nougat and lastly my two other favourites.

The House of JC Le Roux
Photograph © The House of JC Le Roux

In true female fashion, I am very fond of the La Fleurette paired with Cranberry Macadamia Nougat and the well-known Le Domaine with white chocolate nougat.

The latter allowed the tropical character of the Sauvignon Blanc to balance the sweetness of the fudge leaving me in heaven whilst the Le Fleurette’s pretty pink packaging already peaks my interest and had me hooked with its red berries and tropical fruitiness.

Slightly biased, I was convinced that this tasting was surely better than any wine tasting could ever be – the reason being that bubbly is oh so good and paired with sweet nougat, invincible.

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