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A few of my favourite places to enjoy a Cape Town Sunset

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

Come summer time in Cape Town, locals give up their hibernation nooks and bust out into the sunshine.  There is no better place to be in summer as cafes spill out onto the sidewalk, markets offer special trinkets until late in the evening and everyone is hiking, swimming or picnicking around the city.

Here are a few places I love to enjoy a Cape Town sunset …

Cape Town Sunsets

From Signal Hill

For those not keen on hiking or climbing to reach their spot for the sunset, this is the perfect option.  Drive your car right up to Signal Hill and find your place at a table or on the grass. From the top, you have spectacular views of both Table Mountain, the city bowl and the areas of Sea Point, Green Point, de Waterkant and Bantry Bay set aglow by the dying sunshine.

There are no shops, so pack a picnic basket of drinks and snacks.  For safety sake, don’t wander off alone or in couples.  If you are going to go for a walk do so in groups and keep your valuables back where everyone is picnicking.

Another Cape Town Sunset

On Llandudno Beach

Llandudno is one of my favourite beaches with a combination of families, couples, dogs and friends all relaxing on the beach.  At sunset, out come the blankets, candles and bubbly (Even though alcohol is not permitted on our beaches) as everyone prepares to say farewell to the sun.

This is a perfect spot for families and more often than not, it’s shielded from the wind. Make sure you don’t leave any rubbish on the beach and take warm clothing as the temperature drops quite a lot once it’s dark.

The Sun Set over Cape Town

From Table Mountain

Another reason to be excited this time of year is the Table Mountain summer special.  Taking the cable car up is only half price and costs R107 return for adults.  If you don’t have time to pack your own food, there is a restaurant and shop near the Cable Car station atop the mountain but it isn’t cheap.

Another option is to hike to the top, enjoy the sun setting over the Atlantic Seaboard side, watch the city bowl light up in the dark and then take the cable car back down.  Either way, this bird’s eye of view of the ocean, city and mountainside is unbeatable.

Beautiful Sunset

Surfing at Muizenberg Beach

This is a rather unconventional place to enjoy the sunset, but I love nonetheless. The mountains in Muizenberg block you from enjoying a lot of the sunset on the other side, but there is nothing like paddling, surfing and lying on your board as the water turns red and orange.

Employees jump out of the black suits and into wetsuits just in time to catch the last light of the day in the water. Even with all the people around, it is such a peaceful place to be.

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