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Franschhoek Motor Museum – The Experience and Photographs

Updated Sunday, 29 January 2017

Family were visiting from Zululand over the weekend so we took them out to Franschhoek and on the way stopped in at the Franschhoek Motor Musuem.  To be completely honest I hadn’t even heard of the place but wow, what a collection!

Located on the L’Ormarins Estate, the Franschhoek Motor Museum is home to a wide and varied selection of cars, a few bicycles, a handful of motorbikes and motoring memorabilia! Visitors are able to review more than 100 years of motoring history; all in one place.  This is the only location, across the entire country, where the evolution of the car or automobile can be seen.

Franschhoek Motor Museum

The collection is comprised of over 220 vehicles which range from a 1898 Beeston motor tricycle to a 2003 Ferrar Enzo supercar.  More than 80 cars will be on exhibit at any one time and they are displayed in four de-humidified halls and are presented in chronological order.

The display order is

Antique – built before 31 December 1904
Veteran – built between 1 January 1905 and 31 December 1918
Vintage – built between 1 January 1919 and 31 December 1930
Post Vintage – built between 1 January 1931 and 31 December 1945
Post 45 – built between 1 January 1946 and 31 December 1960
Post 60 – built after 1 January 1961

I was very impressed with the exhibition; the cars are all spotlessly clean and are polished to a high shine.  It’s clear that the staff of the museum take great pride in the cars.  The vehicles are also all started once a month to keep the battery ticking over!

Franschhoek Motor Museum

Tickets & Contact Details:

The opening times of the museum is 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday (last admittance at 4pm) and from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday (last admittance at 3pm).
Although the museum is open on most public holidays its wise to phone for confirmation.  Its wise to book in advance to avoid disappointment.
The contact number is +27 (0)21 874-9000.

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