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Long Beach Noordhoek

Updated Monday, 18 April 2022

There is a beach that will always take my breath away, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Long Beach, in Noordhoek, located on the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town, en route to Cape Point, is named as such for its great expanse and stretch, right through to Kommetjie. The beach is not only long, but is wide, giving way to wetlands, flora and fauna.

Family, dog and horse friendly, it is always a hive of activity, for locals and tourists, horseriders, surfers, runners and toddlers, each enjoying their little piece of paradise out on the perfect white sands of this maginificent beach.

Long Beach

Riding on Noordhoek beach is something that everyone should do in their lifetime, many times over! Whether it be in the fresh morning mist, or for an evening sunset canter through the waves, it is an experience of nature and beast that is unrivalled. All ages and degees of experience are catered for with trained guides leading the rides on experienced horses.

Rural Noordhoek is prime horse country, with many farms and small holdings dotted around the valley, housing stud farms, racing stables, show jumping yards and eventers. Race horses in training from Dune Stables can always be spotted on the beach in the mornings, going through their schooling routines, before galloping off down the seemingly endless expanse of land until they disappear from view.

Long Beach

After a few hours under the searing rays of the sun, a quiet respite is needed and a tiny hamlet of shops and restaurants is within walking distance of the beach.

Named, ‘The Red Herring Village,’ after the ‘Red Herring’ restaurant loved by locals and Capetonians who have driven out for their famous pizza and refreshing draft beer for decades, the village holds the magical quality of Noordhoek in its whimsical landscaping, green foliage, statues and water features.

The ‘Coco Bean’ serves breakfast, light meals and a mean cup of java. With a jungle gym tucked under the branches of weathered milkwood trees, it’s obvious that children are welcome to enjoy this fey part of the village.

Long Beach

Oshun Spa and Hair is a treat for all the senses, where you are always given personal attention by people who genuinely love what they do and where the love of nature, wholism and healing shines through. Oshun also has a shop and garden space filled with Buddha statues, garden benches, baliesque wooden creations, water features, linen, scarves, wooden jewellery and handcrafted gifts.

Ask any mother in Noordhoek and they’ll know all about ‘Chocolate Moose,’ the be all and end all of any birthday. These lovely ladies make cake creations that deserve their own celebration! Intricately crafted according to children’s wishes, ‘Chocolate Moose’ have created cakes with mermaids frolicking in the water, battle scenes from Star Wars, doll houses and lifelike scenes. They are also adept at adult treats of the most indulgent quality, all beautifully packaged and ready to devour.

Long Beach

‘Skabanga’s’ Restaurant and Pub, above the ‘Red Herring’ restaurant, is a favourite local watering hole and pizza devouring spot. Skabanga’s have just about the best bar snacks and light pub lunches in the area, with a wooden deck allowing distant sea views and a chance to be warmed by the sun.

With dramatic mountain landscapes, an 8km long beach, vineyards, farms and valleys, a place this unique is a rarity. So be sure to dedicate a meaningful chunk of your time to this exquisite part of the world and you may too, fall under its spell.

Useful Contacts

Red Herring: 021 789-1783
Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding: 021 789-2341
Oshun Hair and Spa: 021 789-1494
Chocolate Moose: 021 789-2891

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