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Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

The Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town based at ‘The Old Biscuit Mill’ in Woodstock, is Cape Town’s answer to world renowned markets such as Portobello Market in the U.K. It has a dedicated following of fashionistas, families, chefs, singeltons, hippies, yuppies and just about any other person who appreciates great food and atmosphere and something truly unique to fill a Saturday morning.

A busy hub of organic offerings including meat, cheese, beverages, chocolates, cakes and desserts, it offers even the most discerning palate a treat for the senses.

With barely enough space to breathe on a Saturday morning, this thriving market place was the brain child of a local art gallery owner and has blossomed and flourished into one of Cape Town’s most wonderful attractions


Artists and crafters who pledge solidarity to the handmade and home crafted revival sweeping the world, also display their wares and the market showcases top emerging designers as well as organic and handmade children’s products.

A far cry from consumer driven busy malls, this space is eco friendly and encourages recycling and living organically. Radiant flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables are displayed at the entrance to the market space, pleasing to the eye and tempting to the appetite!

The simple beauty of ripe red tomatoes and fragrant fresh herbs immediately tempt one into creating reasons to make these vegetables the star attraction of your next meal.

With organic cheeses within reach you can almost taste the caprese salad you’re going to make, drizzled with the finest olive oil and washed down with an organic white wine. Fresh salmon sushi and zesty fresh tuna burgers make an unusual yet recommended start to the tasting journey around the market, whilst champage and oysters wait to excite your endorphins with their wicked wildness!

The gourmet ciabatta stall always boasts a long queue as does the Parisian influenced tart and patisserie stand. Prepare to be educated with tastings of dessert beers on offer, as well cured meats and a selection of unusual organic chocolates, sure to make its way into your handbag as a present for a loved one, such as yourself!

The curries offered at the market are the best I have ever tasted, and I lived in London, so I know my curries! Butter chicken and frangrant jasmine rice is an absolute ‘must have,’ so please save yourself for this.


Crispy thin based pizza’s topped with fresh rocket, parmesan shavings and proscuito are also not to be missed and should be accompanied by much swilling of beer and people watching. Nutella pancakes are another firm favourite and are a delightful treat for the young and old, so set yourself down on a hay bale and rest your feet before you plunder the craft section and the shops.

The Old Biscuit Mill is a massive renovated mill that once churned out family favourite biscuits, but fell into a state of decay. Investors saw the opportunity for upliftment and created working spaces where artists could be viewed at work, whilst also selling their creations.

Exquisitely renovated in an industrial style with red brick facades, the Old Biscuit Mill stayed true to its vision and offers a string of specialist shops. Strolling from one to the next, one can experience some of the immense talent that this small town offers, with high end décor stores, to designer children’s stationery, clothing, photography, imported children’s books and a bead shop and gallery space, amongst others.

Come back again in the evening for a swinging good time at the retro inspired night club, sure to have you on your toes getting on down to the sounds of the 80’s! A restaurant and coffee shop also provide a respite for the crowd weary.


Back inside the market, Cape Town’s savviest crafters, collectors and designers sell their individual and unique pieces such as soft furnishings, retro furniture, jewellery, crockery and edgy baby wear.

The Neighbourgoods Market is open every Saturday between 09h00 and 14h00.

Be sure to make this a part of your Cape Town experience and return with an arm full of fresh flowers, breads, wine and gourmet cravings satiated.

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