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Quaint and Vibey Kalk Bay

Updated Monday, 4 February 2019

Quaint and Vibey Kalk Bay: Kalk Bay is a beautiful, somewhat bohemian, fishing village on the outskirts of the suburbs of Cape Town. It is completely different from any other part of the Mother City, and attracts a very diverse combination of tourists and locals. Kalk Bay is defined by a friendly vibe that is simultaneously fun and relaxed.

Kalk Bay

Bookshops, antique stores, boutiques and restaurants line the main street, and promise any shopaholic a day of delights as they explore them. There are fun novelty stores that stock clothing, ornaments and accessories that are not easily available elsewhere.

The antique stores and bookshops give the entire town a charming old elegance that is simply irresistible. Small cobbled alleys between the buildings lead visitors up to hidden treasures in which any variety of goods are available – ranging from Balinese décor items to art and trinkets. Quirky shops and boutiques promise awesome keepsakes, and gifts for those at home.

Kalk Bay

The restaurants, coffee shops and delis of Kalk Bay are renowned for their excellent quality, inviting setting and stunning views. Many of these take advantage of their prime positioning by including as much glass as possible so that diners are able to watch the waves crash, the working harbour, the buzz of the village and even the whales passing by between July and December.

Because this is a fishing village, fresh fish, mussels, prawns, calamari and crayfish is the order of the day.

The natural harbour is a delightful hub of activity, and visitors are invited to purchase dried fish and fresh fish here. It is also a picturesque harbour, making it a gorgeous little place to have lunch, go for a stroll, or just use as a backdrop to your vacation photographs.

Kalk Bay

Because of its eccentric appeal and quiet atmosphere, Kalk Bay is acclaimed as the inspirational retreat of a number of artists and authors. It oozes the intrigue and appeal typical of a creative clique without being exclusive.

The train runs all the way through from Cape Town, via Kalk Bay, to Simons Town, and makes for a really memorable trip. In some places, the tracks are only metres from the ocean waters. This is an affordable trip that really shows off some of the Western Cape’s most gorgeous vistas in the peace and safety of the carriage.

Kalk Bay

Here are some of the top things to do and see while in Kalk Bay:

  • Eat at the famous Brass Bell. This pub-style restaurant has continued to grow over the many years since its establishment. There are indoor and outdoor seating options, all of which showcase the stunning views.
  • Indulge in some whale watching between the months of July and November / December. During this time, Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales are frequently seen in the water as they spyhop, breach and lobtail curiously in the cool Western Cape waters.
  • Spend some time in some of the many art galleries that exhibit a cool combination of painting, photography and sculpture created by local and national artists.
  • Kalk Bay is popular amongst surfers for its great waves.
  • Explore the many caves of the surrounding mountains, which loom over the village. These caves are formed in sandstone, making them especially interesting.

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