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The R62 Brandy Route

Updated Friday, 25 October 2019

The South African brandy industry has a rich and proud history of brandy making extending 330 years. The word brandy comes from the Dutch word “brandewijn” which means burnt wine, referring to its distillation. Home to superlative quality brandies, connoisseurs from all over the world consider South Africa a top brandy making nation. Winning many international awards, brandy tours are a must for all those who love the drink and are interested in the process of making brandy…

The process begins with healthy ripe grapes being picked early on in the harvesting season. They are then crushed and destalked and the juice is fermented into a crisp fruity wine. After this, the distillation process takes place and the wine is turned into a tasty spirit, with its own distinct character and taste depending on the master blender.

If this sounds interesting or you simply appreciate the taste, the R62 brandy route is the perfect route to enjoy the many unique brandy flavours South Africa has to offer.

Barrydale Cellar in Barrydale

Barrydale Cellar in Barrydale

In 1941 Barrydale produced its first official brandy and has never looked back. Famous for its Joseph Barry Cape Pot Still Brandy, Barry and Nephew’s Muscat Pot Still Brandy and the Joseph Barry five-year-old, each of these brandies have won many awards throughout the years.

A trip to the cellar includes a tour of the brandy distillery, a wine and brandy tasting, as well as a relaxing walk around the Heritage Garden.

Call 028 572 1012 and see Barrydale accommodation for options to stay the night.

Visit Boplaas Family Vineyards

Boplaas in Calitzdorp

Well known as the producer of excellent ports and wines, Boplaas also produces very high quality brandy. Dating back to 1880, the current owner Carel Nel’s great great grandfather exported his first batch of fine Boplaas Brandy to England. Since then, the legacy of Boplaas and the Nel family has flourished.

What makes this an interesting cellar is that this is the first winery to let an elephant tread grapes in the production of wine. Presently the Boplaas 8 Year Old Potstill Brandy and the Carel Nel Reserve Brandy are being produced and are firm favourites. When visiting this cellar you can buy wine, port or brandy and enjoy a tasting. Distillery tours must be arranged in advance.

Call 044 213 3326 and see Calitzdorp accommodation if you plan to stay the night.

Grundheim Wines

Grundheim in Oudtshoorn

Famous for Witblits made in a traditional brandy still, the Grundling family have been farming here for over a century. Their secret family recipes have resulted in their liquers and witblits winning many awards and in 2002 they launched Potstill brandy, adding another fine drink to their already prosperous cellar.

This family run business has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is open for both tasting and brandy sales.

Call 044 272 6927 and See Oudtshoorn accommodation to stay the night.

Klipdrift Distillery

Klipdrift Distillery in Robertson

JP Marais first distilled Klipdrift Brandy in 1938 and today, more than 70 years later, the original specifications are still being adhered to, ensuring the original taste and quality. What started as a small distillery in Marais’ back yard has now grown into an empire.

Enjoy an informative tasting and a tour through the distillery, where you will be treated to South African hospitality at its best. Make a day out of it and have lunch at the restaurant Die brandewyntuin. Try the legendary Klipdrift Burger with potato wedges while sipping on a brandy and coke, true South African style.

Call 023 626 3027 see Robertson accommodation to find a place to stay.

KWV House of Brandy in Worcester

KWV House of Brandy in Worcester

The KWV House of Brandy is the biggest brandy producer and exporter in Africa, making it a must visit. The largest cellar of its kind in the word, 120 pot stills are found under one roof. Winning the World’s Best brandy in 2000, KWV is famous for its outstanding quality brandies.

Enjoy a tour where you can explore the numerous stages of brandy making, ranging from double distillation, maturation and the manufacturing of oak barrels. This working distillery allows you to relish in the smells, tastes and textures of the brandy process and best of all, a sample of award winning brandies can be sipped on at the end of it.

Call 023 342 0255 and see Worcester accommodation for overnight options.

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