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Time Out in Kommetjie

Updated Monday, 26 December 2016

Separated from neighbouring towns by mountains and cliffs, the coastal town of Kommetjie offers its visitors a sense of undisturbed natural beauty and peaceful isolation. Situated between rural Noordhoek and the seaside town of Scarborough, the wilderness and foliage of the mountains preserved, and the stark contrast of the ocean, Kommetjie is a secret haven of rustic beauty.


Crowding the waves on a good day, surfers from all over the world come to Kommetjie, which is regarded as having the best surf in the south peninsula. The ocean is also a playground for snorkeling, crayfish diving, scuba diving and fishing, with a reef providing a rich bounty of sea life (see Things to Do in Kommetjie).

Although effortlessly beautiful, Kommetjie is a little too tucked away to be a real tourist town, therefore retaining its charm as a seaside village, with only a scattering of restaurants and one grocery store. In all seasons, village life buzzes with those keen to submerge themselves in the ocean or take walks down the longest beach in Cape Town.


A haven for lovers of flora and fauna due to its extensive ecological variety and birdlife, Kommetjie is home to many species of protea and fynbos, birds and wildlife. Hikes near the Light House in Slangkoppunt, yield bountiful floral finds, coupled with breathtaking views of the ocean.

Imhoff Farm is a children’s paradise and is one of the most exciting places to spend a day in Cape Town. They offer camel and donkey rides, have a snake park, 3 restaurants, shops, a chocolate tasting shop, a touch farm and they offer 2 hour long horserides along the beach.

Capturing one of the most beautiful views you could ever have, dining at the Blue Water Café is a very special experience. Views stretch over fields of horses, over the vlei and through to Noordhoek. The food is always a gourmet experience and can only be rivalled by an exquisite sunset as you savour dinner.


With a variety of accommodation in kommetjie on offer, from a caravan park to beachfront villas, there is every reason to visit this seaside town. You’ll be swept away by the mystical beauty of the sea and, as the locals say, you’ll never forget the ‘magic of Kommetjie!’

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