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Visit Langebaan

Updated Wednesday, 6 March 2024

Mention Langebaan to Capetonians and they smile; only 100 kilometres from Cape Town this hugely popular holiday town offers the ultimate in easy getaways.

Weekends away in Langebaan are an excellent opportunity to get some time out and indulge in the holiday mood without arduous planning or a long drive.

But it’s not only convenience that this West Coast town has in its favour. The Langebaan lagoon is simply stunning; crystal clear water surrounded by snow-white beaches attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over South Africa.

Windsurfing, kite-surfing, angling and yachting are some of the favourite local pastimes.

Langebaan Country Estate

The lagoon is also an amazing family spot, where Moms and Dads can take time to indulge in the time-honoured traditions of sand-castle building, stone-skimming and shell-collecting with their kids, making it an ideal Family-friendly holiday destination.

The lagoon itself is protected from the wildness of the Atlantic Ocean making this a safe little haven for paddling and the water is also much warmer than at the ocean itself.

Ultra modern holiday accommodation in Langebaan, as well as bed-and-breakfasts, guest houses, holiday apartments and two caravan parks for the more outdoor-orientated.

Many of the original homes in Langebaan have been kept in their original rustic state with no electricity or mains water. Declared historic, these houses may not be sold to outsiders and can only be passed on within the family.

This sense of community is part of what makes the atmosphere relaxed, people wander around the town in bathing costumes and sarongs and bare feet are considered part of the dress code, so feel free to go shopping and visit cafés and restaurants just as you are.


The town also has a golf course, tennis courts, a bowling green and the yacht club for those who want to enjoy a lazy sunset and cocktails from the deck.

Retail shops supply all your needs from groceries, food, holiday equipment and hardware, all in typical small town ambience.

The town has good restaurants that serve outstanding seafood and boasts all the regional dishes as well as traditional ‘boerekos’ (farmer’s food) and continental dishes.

In addition to its water sports, Langebaan is also known for its land-based adventure activities. Mountain biking is big here and outrides include eco-rides, fossil rides, night rides and beach rides that cater to both beginners and to experienced riders.

The natural surrounds are truly something worth admiring, with World Heritage Wetlands and the West Coast National Park right on the doorstep.

These fragile eco-systems are protected areas and visitors are encouraged to “Leave only footprints and take only memories” within their bounds. You can explore by mountain bike or on horseback and it is well organised to give least disturbance yet maximum enjoyment to visitors.

Langebaan is also known as the ornithological capital of South Africa and has the largest recorded oyster shell deposits in the world.

Langebaan Lagoon

Whatever your needs and tastes are when you visit Langebaan, whether lazy at the poolside, exhilarated on horseback or windsurfer or just sitting quietly and angling, Langebaan is a cornucopia of holiday pastimes.

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Langebaan is vibrant, the people warm and friendly and its proximity to Cape Town make it well worth a visit.