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Hogsback – a magical town ideal for weekends away and extended stays

Updated Monday, 2 September 2019

This month we focus our attention on the magical little town of Hogsback in the Eastern Cape, home to numerous accomplished artists – potters, painters, musicians and poets – who have chosen the beauty of Hogsback over the rush of city life.

Hogsback offers so much as a weekend destination or extended holiday stay – think exploring the village, fabulous hiking trails, mountain biking, horse riding, bird watching, and mountain climbing – these are only a few of the things that draw people to Hogsback time and again. Magical views, peace and tranquility add to the mix of what makes Hogsback such an appealling getaway.

Mountain Biking in Hogsback

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Hogsback, a town of pure magic

Not many people know much about Hogsback, or where it is, for that matter, which perhaps is just as well given that its charm is something one might want to protect, and because the very essence of Hogsback is its almost otherworldly silence, where it lies high up in the Amatola Mountains, surrounded by centuries old indigenous forest. All I knew about Hogsback, as we wound … more at Hogsback, a town of pure magic

I ♥ Hogsback because

We’ve asked those in the know to share their favourites things about Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. Find out where the locals go for the best cup of coffee, lunch and restaurant suggestions and much more. We’re letting you in on all of their secrets. Ingrid from Granny Mouse House Guesthouse and self-catering Cottages in Hogsback shares her recommendations and favourite places in and around Hogsback with us … more at I ♥ Hogsback

Mountain Biking in Hogsback

Hiking in Hogsback

Although there is plenty in Hogsback to amuse and delight, including The Labyrinth and the Eco shrine, our primary goal was to do some serious hiking and take in the truly spectacular landscape that the area has to offer.  With so many trails on offer we were at something of a loss as to which hikes we could safely and comfortably do in the two days that we were going to be there … more at Hiking in Hogsback

Hogsback Labyrinth

The labyrinth is set virtually on the edge of a cliff with the most spectacular views of the valley below, the Amatola Mountains, and an expanse of sky that together have a formidable visual impact. Even if you know nothing about labyrinths, and do not intend travelling its pathways, its setting alone resounds with an intangible quality that is immediately calming, and yet exhilarating … more at Hogsback Labyrinth

Middle Earth Hogsback

Hogsback Eco Shrine

There is something of the sacred in Hogsback in the Eastern Cape. Perhaps it is the ethereal proximity of dense, indigenous forests that hint at faery folk, or its remoteness that make it so. But few people leave here without some element of reparation, even if it is simply their faith in the beauty of nature that is restored. The approach to the eco shrine, which the artist Diana Graham calls the … more at Hogsback Eco Shrine

Starways Pottery & Rose Theatre

You don’t expect to find a theatre in Hogsback. Not only is it a theatre, albeit a little one, but it’s open air, in the middle of a glade of pine trees, and named after the Elizabethan theatre of the same name. The Rose was London’s most historic theatre, built in 1587 by Philip Henslowe on Bankside in Southwark and home to many of Shakespeare’s productions. The Rose at Starways is similarly built … more at Starways Pottery & Rose Theatre


Hogsback Attractions

On the western end of the forested Amatola Mountains lies a village, overlooked by mountains and surrounded by indigenous Afro-montane forests that are centuries old, called Hogsback. It lies only an hour-and-a-half’s journey from Grahamstown, yet Hogsback may as well be in another world. The beauty of the surrounds is said to have inspired J.R.R Tolkein to write his Lord of the Rings … more at Hogsback Attractions

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