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Picadillis in Middelburg in the Karoo Heartland

Updated Monday, 30 January 2017

I recently bought the sweetest little scarf.  My brother and I were en route to Ficksburg from Graaff-Reinet and stopped in Middelburg for a) Karoo biltong and b) petrol (in that order of importance).

To be honest, Middelburg is not much to look at but our biltong search was proving futile (I know, you wouldn’t think so, it was the Karoo after all!) so we drove around the town a bit trying to find a butchery.

Right at the end of a road I spotted a mustardy coloured shop called Piccadilli’s.  ‘Let’s try down there’ I said to Gareth and he duly turned left and steered us towards the shop in question…

From a distance Piccadilli’s is nothing to look at but as we got closer we saw the table and chairs set out with pink and white polka dot table clothes.

If we hadn’t just had an enormous breakfast I would have settled down for a pot of tea and a huge slice of something decadent but it was closer to 9am than it was to tea time so I decided to forego that idea and had a browse around the shop instead.

Picadilli's in Middelburg

What a treasure trove!  For somewhere like Middelburg this shop was heaven!  I’m not dissing Middelburg but every girl wants something a bit different – something that perhaps Mr Price is not going to stock!

First of all there were more tables and chairs in a courtyard off the back of the shop – I can imagine that in the height of a Karoo summer partaking of something cool in the Piccadillis courtyard would be a lovely way to while away a few hours.

The shop itself is full to the brim with picture frames, cushions, various gift ideas, a few handbags and a small section for olives, jams and other country fare.  My gorgeous crocheted scarf (for the absolute bargain price of R80) was found in the clothing corner; a few jerseys, dresses, jackets and one other scarf were also available.

I just love my handmade reminder of Middelburg in the Karoo Heartland, and know that every time I wear it I will be reminded of the day Gareth and I were searching for biltong and instead stumbled across Piccadillis!

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