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Updated Monday, 24 June 2019

Backpacking is, undoubtedly, one of the most fun ways to experience a destination. It gives travellers the opportunity to see South Africa in their own time, while meeting others and enjoying the adventure vibe. It is also, usually, a lot cheaper than hiring vehicles and paying for formal accommodation and transport, since backpacking lodges and hiking tend to be the order of the day.

Limpopo is a spectacular province, with a number of things to do and see that are either free or very cost-effective. These are, generally, appealing to backpackers, who are exploring a country or area on a strict budget.

In addition to this variety of activities and attractions, Limpopo is also equipped with numerous backpacking lodges and hostels that provide comfortable, hospitable accommodation in Limpopo, as well as camp grounds for those that prefer to indulge in the awesome summer weather in the outdoors.

In Limpopo, there are a number of backpacking packages that are designed to showcase the best of the province to visitors. There is a variety of different packages so that preferences and budgets can be catered to without negotiating on the experience. Many of these include trips to the world-renowned Kruger National Park, as well as camping, hiking and adventure sports. Of course, the specific itinerary depends on your needs and preferences.

Hiking through Limpopo is one of the most spectacularly impressive ways to experience this province. It is also ideal for backpackers, as they have little luggage and, generally, appreciate the laid-back, make-do nature of hiking. There are many different nature and game reserves in Limpopo that have formal trails, as well as wilderness trails that are a little less defined.


In addition to hiking and walking, Limpopo is a wonderland of outdoor activities. Cycling trails, horseback safaris and elephant back safaris are unique ways in which to take in the splendour of the area at a restful pace.

The mountainous areas are prime spots for rock climbing and abseiling, ensuring that adrenalin-junkies get their fix while backpacking through Limpopo.

This province boasts plenty of lakes and dams, which makes it a fabulous fishing spot. Backpackers that have brought their rod along can look forward to catching bass, carp and trout, or simply enjoying the majestic landscapes from the peaceful retreat of the river banks.

Bird-watching is another popular pastime amongst locals, and backpackers who know their stuff will enjoy identifying the many bird species found here.

Being within game reserve country, Limpopo has a number of fabulous camp grounds and caravan parks. This is usually quite convenient for backpackers, who carry all of their belongings in one accessible bag. This is also a much cheaper form of accommodation than a game lodge or hotel in Limpopo.

Limpopo Information

Limpopo is rather central, close to a number of significant places. Thus, it acts as an ideal launching point from which to explore the rest of South Africa.