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A walk on the Sea Point promenade and Dinner at Aris Souvlaki

Updated Friday, 6 September 2019

It was Sunday late afternoon and the weather was absolutely stunning in Cape Town and so my friends and I decided to catch up. Since we had all been all over the place with the recent activities of the World Cup taking over our lives and hearts we were all feeling a bit disjointed. So we decided that the three of us from the “burbs” (Southern Suburbs) would head over to Sea Point for a walk on the promenade before an early supper with the rest of the gang.

We started at the wrong end of the promenade to understand the story told through art, but the sculptures of the young girl were no less magnificent. The promenade was buzzing with families, friends and young children all enjoying the beautiful day. There were family picnics taking place on the grass while young boys played a game of soccer, couples walked hand in hand, athletes donned in running gear with iPod’s pumping tunes in their ears weaved their way through the crowds. While others were just friends enjoying each other’s company and the wonderful setting.

After walking quite far we decided we’d better turn around and head back to the car as we would end up being late for supper. As it turns out we were in fact late, but since the restaurant and friends were so relaxed it didn’t matter at all. For ages I have been hearing from my friends about Aris and that they make the greatest shwarma and we must go and finally this evening was my opportunity.

Aris Souvlaki can be found on Sea Point Main road diagonally opposite the Spar, the restaurant looks tiny as you walk in but when you head upstairs you’ll find a spacious room with a great balcony that looks over the every busy main road. The restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to take your family and friends. Expect plastic red and white checked table cloths and friendly service.

Aris Souvlaki

The Greek menu is extremely reasonably priced and most main meals are under R50 a person. There are a variety of tapas, meze platters and main meals, however since I was there for a shwarma, this is what was to be had. We all ordered beef shwarma’s which is shavings of beef from the spit served wrapped in a pita bread with tomato and tzatziki. I ordered mine without tomato and since one friend thinks garlic is her worst enemy she opted for her without the tzatziki.

We hardly waited at all before our shwarma’s were brought to us wrapped in paper which is then unwrapped for you at the table. And you are able to unwrap it the more you eat. I love this kind of food where it is tasty and easy and I always feel that a way to measure how good the food is, is to take note of how much talking takes places. Our table was silent almost until all the plates were cleaned of every last blob of tzatziki that had fallen to the plate.

With such a relaxed atmosphere the restaurant was happy for us to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset while catching up with one another. Even though the restaurant was busy we didn’t feel rushed and were able to take our time. It almost felt like we were sitting in my kitchen with all of the time in the world. Reality set in and we all parted ways but promised to do it all again sometime soon.

Aris Souvlaki certainly has made me a fan and they are now a firm favourite on my list of eateries. I will be back very soon.

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