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Cést La Vie in Kalk Bay

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

I went to Provence for a croissant and cafe au lait on Sunday morning.  You dont believe me non?  OK I didn’t, but with the cobbled street and borders of lavender outside Cést La Vie in Kalk Bay you would be excused for thinking you were in the South of France. I read about Cést La Vie in a magazine and thought this was somewhere I just had to try. 

So, when my husband got back from his LSD Sunday run (Long Slow Distance for those of you who are not in the running mix!) we hopped in the car and headed to Kalk Bay. The bakery is quaint – a small outside area has a number of tables but this was full so we found a table inside and sat down.  Service is quick and judging by the number of staff buzzing around no-one waits for long.

C’est la Vie (Kalk Bay)

I ordered a croissant with jam and cheese; this was presented on a board with ample servings of butter, jam and cheese.  The cafe au lait was enormous; served in a cup with no handle! I felt very Parisienne, sipping my cafe holding the cup with both hands. My husband was not feeling Parisienne and settled instead for a Rooibos tea accompanied with a 70% chocolate and banana muffin.  This too was very tasty.

Other items on the menu are the ‘Parisienne’ breakfast; half a baguette served with jam and butter (add extra for Nutella spread and / cheese).

The ‘Artist’ breakfast is homemade organic muesli, Greek yoghurt with honey and orange juice.  This is a very respectable R40 or R52 if you add fruit.

The menu stated that free range organic boiled eggs were available during the week but we saw a few of these going out so they must also be available over the weekend. Light lunches are also served including gorgeous crusty sandwiches.

C’est la Vie (Kalk Bay)

A selection of perfect French breads are on sale; wrapped in brown kraft paper and tied with a piece of twine when you take them home.

Cést la vie is on Rosmead Road in Kalk Bay and is open from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s well worth a visit!

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C’est la Vie, Rosmead Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town